Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology

Ms. Juana Sanchez
EUREKA ICT Clusters Coordinator

Phone: +34 91 581 0489


Financing of industrial research activities and technological development
Mix of grants and loans


Financing conditions for Innovative projects

  • Budget: Minimum total budget by each Spanish company 175k€.
  • Credits with an interest fee (Euribor) and long-term amortization (10 years) that covers up to 75% of the total budget. Besides, 33% of the credit is not reimbursable.
  • Eligible costs: personal, recouping of instruments and equipment, contractual research or technical knowledge, patents or licensed, other supplementary costs and overheads.
  • The company has to have sufficient financial capacity to cover a minimum of 25% of the total budget for the project with their own resources.
  • Companies can have 25% of the credit in advance up to €200,000 Duration: 1-3 years.
  • Tax relief report
  • It is necessary to have the EURIPIDES² label before to receive the funding.

Profile of the applicant: Enterprises (SMEs, Large Companies), RTOs and Universites have no direct funding, but can participate through subcontracting a Spanish company.

Important: It is necessary to achieve the incentive effect of the aid to every Spanish company. The beginning of the activities of the Spanish participants cannot be earlier than the date in which the full memory of the proposal is submitted in CDTI’s request.