5E Workshop: Setting up the Vision for European Electronics Ecosystems Convergence

07/09/2019 EFECS

The 5E project (www.5e-project.eu) invites you to participate in a workshop @EFECS 2019 in Helsinki on 21 November 2019, 14:00 – 17:00.

We need your help to evaluate opportunities that will benefit from the combined expertise of the nano-electronics, flexible/wearable electronics and electronic Smart Systems communities.
What does the world need to look like, if Europe is to lead efforts at the interfaces of these areas of expertise?
What is a viable path towards that situation? What has prevented us from acting so far?

Please join us for an interactive session to shape the future of the European Electronics industry!
We look forward to your participation and valuable contributions.

REGISTER NOW at https://ssl.vdivde-it.de/registration/2854/
More information on EFECS 2019 at www.efecs.eu


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