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27/06/2019 Partner search

1-Smart telecom operations
The company is looking for a partner in AI/ML and sensor electronics to join an already approved EURIPIDES project. The project strives to measure, analyse and improve the fault-related energy consumption in telecom operator centres. A smart electronics system will be developed to collect key energy indicators. Along with the research on commercial sensors, computer vision will enable the instant monitoring of the grid in the telecom infrastructure. The developed system will measure energy-sensor data and in real time be able to switch the power on and off over many distributed nodes inside the telecom operator. Eventually the system will identify areas of excess power consumption, areas of improvement for power consumption and diagnose and prevent malfunctions or errors in the system.

2-Vertical farming goes intelligent
This proposal is initiated by a large international company that is now innovating in a comprehensive solution for vertical farming. We are looking for partners with sensing electronics capabilities that could develop a system to measure in near-real time the amount and diversity of microorganisms in water systems for vertical farming. The acquired data will be processed to optimise the farming and watering conditions for the plants growing in urban context.

3-Augmented Reality in banking
The proposal is initiated by a bank that has presence in several countries in Europe and MENA. It aims at developing an innovative marketing system based on augmented reality. A wide range of objects in the physical reality of a customer, once taken a camera shot, will trigger information on the mobile device of the customer about various products and services of the bank related to the augmented object. The needed partner should be an expert in augmented reality and image processing.

4-Torsion Angle Stabilisation and Control
The proposal focuses on the stabilisation and control of the torsion angle of the steel wire rope. The products are assembled with a wire rope on an automated machine featuring a rotating plate and six stations. The torsion angle measurement is to be done at the final station. After angle measurement, the product is sent to packaging in case the result is accepted or to a storage box reserved for bad parts in case the result is beyond tolerance range. The company is looking for partners to solve the torsion angle measurement problem with a smart electronic solution.

5-Piezoelectric materials development
The project aims at developing piezoelectric materials and apply them for energy harvesting and structural health monitoring. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) aims to give, at every moment during the life of a structure, a diagnosis of the “state” of the constituent materials, of the different parts, and of the full assembly of these parts constituting the structure as a whole. The company has experience in design manufacturing and test capabilities. Any expertise in smart electronics is welcomed to join the consortium by expressing their expertise and possible contribution.  

6-UV Curving
UV curing is polymerized and cured in a short time by the energy radiated from ultraviolet irradiation devices compared to traditional resin and are appropriate materials for hand lay-up method since they require a light source to cure. The opaque surface of closed-mould applications creates a significant challenge for using UV curable resins in operation. This project is aiming at providing a new curing approach for close moulding application on complex-shaped composite production with silicon bag moulding an upper mould. The company is looking for a research and industrial partner to deliver expected outcomes.

7-Road Safety Going Smart
The proposal is looking for partners in smart electronics to help develop a unique approach to road safety. It combines vehicle acceleration, acceleration and angular velocity of the motion platform, acceleration and angular velocity on head (vestibular dynamics) with driver-oriented electromyographic measures, postural stability and eye tracking.

8-Vertical farming
Measuring the useful and the pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms in the watering system of a vertical farm needs to be done smart. We are looking for partners to help us develop the sensor electronics and artificial intelligence algorithms to identify the “good” and “bad” bacteria, their amount and type, and then filter the water accordingly. We are a big company that has market standing in 12 countries all around the world.

9-Cheaper and more efficient deliveries
Organising the most efficient operations and cost effective approach to personal deliveries is a challenge that the company has been working on for years. The proposal aims at further develop a prototype, by adding sensors inside the delivery boxes, optimising the routes and costs, dynamic pricing, etc. - all efforts that need strong electronics and software partners.

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