25/03/2020 COVID19 - URGENT! SPAIN needs three miniature electro valves models

COVID-19. This is an emergency post, asking for help.

AMETIC, the Spanish Electronics and IT Association of Industries, answering a call and in coordination with the Ministry of Industry of Spain is managing the support to scale up production of companies that manufactures artificial Ventilators in Spain. A group of professionals of AMETIC members has been appointed to help and co-ordinate technical and industrial efforts. We need three miniature electro valves models urgently:

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06/03/2020 32 PO submitted EURIPIDES-PENTA 2020 Joint call

Project Outline submissions for the EURIPIDES-PENTA 2020 Joint Call are closed.

Many thanks to the 320 partners for all of their contributions!

32 Project Outlines submitted from 18 EUREKA countries involved.


30/12/2019 AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA & EPoSS support EUREKA

The three Industry Associations, AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS have renewed their memorandum of understanding to extend their cooperation to support EUREKA alongside the ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the envisaged new European Partnership on Key Digital Technologies.

The full document is available here.