Eureka Clusters Call on Artificial intelligence

20/03/2020 Ai EURIPIDES Call

The EUREKA Clusters CELTIC-Next, EUROGIA, ITEA3, and PENTA-EURIPIDES, working in partnership with a number of EUREKA Public Authorities are collaborating to run a thematic call for innovative projects in the AI domain. The available budget for this AI Call will be over 40M€, supported by 15 countries.

Deadline for submission: Monday, June 15th, 2020
Full Project proposal only (One step!)
Sublmission portal available from April 1st, 2020

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing technology with the potential to influence or transform almost every aspect of the economy and society. In depth knowledge and leadership in developing and applying this powerful capability is an essential requirement, if industry is to maintain its leadership in multiple application areas, or take advantage of new opportunities.

This AI Call is specifically designed to stimulate activity in this important area, through the creation of trans-national collaborative projects in applications that will support economic growth and societal benefit through the adoption and use of AI systems and services.

Supporting countries

Austria Germany Portugal
Belgium Hungary Spain
Canada Luxembourg Sweden
Denmark Malta Turkey
Finland Netherlands South Korea


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