2019 Call

Your proposal must be submitted on the EURIPIDES²-PENTA Project zone.

To prepare your submission, you may download the forms here, if you register. Carefully check your Email address, as a link will be sent to this address.

Please note that if you do so, your email address will be collected. Therefore you are receiving EURIPIDES² communication activities emailing. If you no longer wish to receive emails on our activities, please send an email to euripides@euripides-eureka.eu. You will also have the possibility to unsubscribe directly from our Email campaigns.

The following documents will be provided:

  1. Project Proposal annex (PO)
  2. Full Project Proposal annex (FPP)
  3. Projects costs templatefor PO and FPP
  4. Create a EURIPIDES projects
  5. Vision Mission and Strategy Book (White Book)
  6. European Components and Systems Strategic Research Agenda (ECS-SRA)
  7. Project Consortium Agreement (PCA)

The Regulation Book will provide you information on how EURIPIDES² is operating. In particular, all partners have to sign the Declaration of Acceptance (Annex B of the Regulation Book) before the submission of the Full Project Proposal.

  1. Regulation book (updated 05-DEC-2017)
  2. Annex B (updated 05-DEC-2017)

English is the only accepted language for completion of the PO or FPP application form.

All fields are mandatory.